Addressing the stigma faced by people living with obesity

Congratulations to our Nutritionist Dr Werd Al-Najim for winning the UCD Research Impact Case Study for her research on Obesity as part of the UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre.
Healthy person living with the disease of obesity.

Recognising obesity as a disease, a C20 panel discussion

Werd joined a panel of obesity experts consisted of the Chair Dr Ghalia Abdeen, Prof Carel le Roux, and Dr Alex Miras. They discussed the facts behind recognising obesity as a disease and the current treatment options around the world.

National Physio Fundraising Day

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Incorporating Strength Training with Cardio

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Easy Grains & Chicken Soup

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Reverse type 2 diabetes

How Can I Reverse my Type 2 Diabetes?

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The Management and Treatment for Student’s Elbow or ‘Olecranon Bursitis’

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Anti-Obesity Strategy

Anti-Obesity Strategy: Blame Game VS. Sensible Actions

Obesity is a deep-rooted disease, the UK anti-obesity strategy to tackle this disease is very much needed but...