How Can I Reverse my Type 2 Diabetes?

Author Dr Werd Al-Najim, Nutritionist

Whether you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar (pre-diabetes), type 2 diabetes, or you want to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, this short article will provide you with the key information you need to know.

We understand that it is a scary moment when your GP tells you that your blood sugar is high. However, the good news is that we no longer think that type 2 diabetes is an incurable disease. While many patients may have to live with the disease for the rest of their lives, so many patients can achieve remission. By making good food choices combined with exercise, you can also achieve such results.

I don’t know where to start!
That’s OK. Nutrition and exercise information on the internet can be overwhelming. Aim for small sustainable changes, one change at a time, and obtain your information from qualified healthcare professionals.

Do I need to make drastic changes to my diet?
This depends on your current food choices and pattern of eating. However, as mentioned earlier, make the changes slowly. Firstly, you need to aim for a diet high in colourful vegetables. It is also beneficial for your health to eat 2-3 portions of fruit per day. Additionally, aim to include proteins with every meal, a small amount of healthy fats and no more than 130g of carbohydrates per day. If you are unsure what these macronutrients are or how to calculate your required intake, speak to our qualified Nutritionist for more detailed information and a personalised diet plan.

I do regular walks but I am not a fan of gyms, is that enough?
Well, you are on the right track but not quite there yet. Walking for 30 minutes a day is good for health maintenance but to get your elevated blood sugar under control you need to do more intentional exercise, especially, strength training. Work with our Physiotherapist to create an exercise plan that is right for you!

How soon can I start seeing the changes on my blood sugar?

Research has shown that people with type 2 diabetes can start seeing changes on their blood sugar levels within 3-6 months if the above nutrition and exercise giudlines are followed correctly. As type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease, the changes must be maintained lifelong to keep the disease in remission.

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