Incorporating Strength Training with Cardio

strength training combined with running
Fitness and healthy concept. Woman wearing running shoes at gym.

Bored of your usual exercise routine and want to gain the benefits of both endurance and strength training? Why don’t you give this a try:

1km run (at a challenging speed)
8reps weighted squats x3
8reps chest press x3

1km run
8 reps/leg weighted lunges x3
8reps barbell press x3

1km jog
12 reps/leg weighted step-ups x3
45sec plank x3
45 sec/side side plank x3

1km run
12reps weighted SLR
20 reps sit-ups

Finish off with another 1km jog!

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Rand Al-Najim, Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

Prohealth365 Physiotherapy & Nutrition Bray