Physiotherapy is important in helping people return to their daily and sports activities as quickly as possible. Our physiotherapist treats a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions in clients of all age groups. Such conditions may include sports or work injuries, spinal conditions, or chronic pain as in the case of fibromyalgia. Therefore, no matter what your injury or physical complaints are, you can be sure that our physiotherapist at Prohealth365 will provide you with the best treatment and advice that will help in a speedy recovery.

Why see a physiotherapist:

Physiotherapists are experts in movement. We have extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. This allows us to examine, diagnose and treat a wide variety of health problems. We work together with patients to help them understand their health problem and achieve optimal results.

Assessment and treatment:

On your first physiotherapy appointment, we will discuss your health problem, physical goals, and carry out an assessment. Also, we will discuss the most suitable treatment plan. Please bring along referral letters or scan reports (if any). This will help us gain more insight into your health problem.

Depending on your needs, various methods are often applied during your physiotherapy treatment course. These include, for instance, postural correction, patient education, mobilizations, exercise therapy, massage, medical taping, relaxation and deep breathing exercises, or a combination of those.

Prevention is key. Therefore, we also aim to provide advice on how to prevent your complaints from reoccurring and/or your condition from worsening in the future.

Please note that our physiotherapist is CORU registered (reg. no. PT041291). Mrs. Al-Najim is also a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). All major health insurers cover services provided by chartered physiotherapists. However, please note that the amount you can claim back depends on your insurance type. We advice you to contact your insurance company prior to booking an appointment as they will be able to provide more information about your cover.

Fill in the contact form, book online or call us on 01 960 9934 to make an appointment.