Pantry Cleanout and Makeover

Do you often find yourself habitually walking to your fridge or pantry without feeling hungry? Do you eat sugar and fat-containing snacks on a daily basis? have you struggled to control a healthy eating style for more than a month or two? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you probably need to do a pantry cleanout and makeover to control your environment!

There is ample evidence indicating that the environmental triggers are so powerful that they can override the biological control of hunger and fullness. That’s why most people would still choose to eat a chocolate bar or a few biscuits in the afternoon or evening, even if they were full.

Controlling the macro-environment i.e. government policies, TV advertisements, food display in supermarkets is beyond our individual ability. However, the type of food and the quantity stored in the pantry is directly controlled by each individual. People make more than 200 conscious and unconscious food decisions a day; what do we eat for dinner, should I drink tea now or later, should I take a pastry with the coffee, do I want a bigger portion, etc… Research shows that the more food decisions people have to make during the day the heavier their body weight is.


At Prohealth365, our Nutritionist Dr Werd Al-Najim who is specialized in eating behaviour and food preferences can help you make important changes to your home food environment. She will aim to reduce the food decisions you have to make during the day by offering the following services:

A pantry cleanout and makeover

This is a 2 hours home visit to go through your pantry and clean it out of unhealthy processed snacks and chemical-ridden products. You will learn how to stock on certain items that you can consume for snacks and to facilitate healthy food preparation.

An image of a kitchen counter with friuts displlyed in jars

A supermarket tour

This is 1hr visit to your local supermarket where you will learn how to prepare a healthy food shopping list, read nutrition labels, and make better product choices.

an image showing a woman making a product choice at a supermarket

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